Update to Delphi XE7 – with Daniele Teti (VIDEO)

You can download the videos and start to update your Delphi skills in a couple of minutes!
This video has been recorded during the last online session of “Update to Delphi XE7” training, with a lot of participants from all over the world. The training is in english language. All the the slides and the code examples are included in the download. A lot of valuable material useful in you day-to-day job at a very affordable price.


Delphi 7 or better, OOP


Do not use Delphi XE7 as if it was Delphi 7! With this in-depth technical training you will learn in details all the key aspects of Delphi introduced in the latest versions (2007-2010, XE-XE7) which will improve your day-to-day job and will allow you to save time and money. If you work in the IT market, your software cannot live in the past! Gain a significative gain over your competitors!
This training contains more than 20 hours of video.

Software required

  • Delphi XE7 Enterprise (also trial version)
  • Android or iOS device configured with RAD Studio


The course is useful for all programmers and analysts who have used a version of Delphi. Are analyzed all the improvements introduced in Delphi from version 7 to version XE7. Practical examples illustrate how to use the most important features of Delphi XE7 in order to improve productivity, quality, robustness and elegance of code. Particular attention is given to show how the new features of the language and the environment allow you to save time and money.


  • Acquire a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of new constructs and language features of the latest version of Delphi
  • Understanding Unicode
  • Use third-party tools included in the environment
  • Multithreading programming using the new Parallel Programming Library
  • Know the potential cross platform FireMonkey and Delphi
  • Visual LiveBindings
  • Become familiar with FireMonkey
  • Understand how to separate the responsibilities within the code
  • Introducing the mobile development

About the teacher

Daniele Teti is a software architect, trainer, author and consultant with over 18 years of professional experience. For Packet Publishing, In the september 2014 Daniele published the book “Delphi Cookbook” with a great success in the programmers community. He writes code in a number of languages but his preferred language to compile native software is Object Pascal. Daniele is a well-known Delphi and programming expert in the developer community. He’s the main developer and drives the development of some Delphi open source projects (DelphiMVCFramework; DORM, “the Delphi ORM”; Delphi Redis Client; and so on). He is the CEO of bit Time Professionals, which is a company specialized in consultancy, training, and development.

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